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Partner Organizations

ManorCare of Lacey

ManorCare is a new skilled nursing facility specializing in diabetic management. We are interested in partnering with the community for positive patient outcomes.

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National Diabetic Center

In business since 1979, The National Diabetic Center is committed to helping diabetic patients across the U.S. manage and control their diabetes.

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Nutrition and Physical Activity Program - Washington State Department of Health

To help the people of Washington get healthier, the Department of Health is working with communities, schools, employers, and healthcare providers to make changes that will make it easier for us to make healthy choices in our daily lives.

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Optometric Physicians of Washington

Our role in the healthcare team of diabetes patients is to promote and perform regular dilated eye exams looking for signs of diabetic eye disease, to counsel patients on our findings or visual symptoms they may be experiencing, and communicate our exam results with the patients diabetes healthcare team.

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Puget Sound Health Partners

Reliable company that understands Medicare and your health care concerns

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Qualis Health

We are a private, nonprofit organization based in Seattle, where we have operated since our founding in 1974. Our collaborative relationships with providers, practitioners, managed care plans, employers, and community groups define the way we do business

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