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Inland Northwest Health Services

Together with partners, customers and patients, INHS is making great strides in improving the quality of health care for Spokane, the region and the nation.


Mission Statement:


Inland Northwest Health Services, on behalf of its sponsoring health systems, Empire Health Services and Providence Health Care, will be a recognized leader in innovative and collaborative health care solutions.

On behalf of our sponsoring health care systems, we provide unique, effective, affordable services using collaborative and innovative approaches for the benefit of the entire health care continuum.  These local, regional, national and international solutions promote positive health outcomes through disease and injury prevention and wellness programs in rehabilitation and clinical services; critical care transportation; information technology; health care education; and other health care services.  We incorporate the highest ideals from our sponsors' joint Christian heritage in the provision of high-quality medical care.

5-Year Strategic Goals (2005-2009)

  • Be the provider of choice for our customers and sponsors based upon reputation, quality outcomes and innovative programs and services.
  • Provide an accountable work environment and a culture valued by all employees.
  • Increase collaboration and system integration through Inland Northwest Health Services.
  • Promote the image and identity of Inland Northwest Health Services regionally, nationally and globally.
  • Maximize existing, and create new products, services and markets to increase the financial viability of Inland Northwest Health Services.


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American Diabetes Association Alert Day

March 28th is Alert Day!

Join the American Diabetes Association (ADA) in promoting Alert Day on March 28th.  This "is a day to sound the alarm about the prevalence of type 2 diabetes in American adults."  Find more information, including the ADA's Type 2 Diabetes Risk Test, here.

On this site, you'll find...
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Learn Your Risk for Prediabetes


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