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Chronic Disease Electronic Management System

CDEMS is the Chronic Disease Electronic Management System, a software application developed by the Washington State Diabetes Prevention and Control Program in 2002.


The Chronic Disease Electronic Management System (CDEMS) is an electronic registry developed and shared nationwide by the WA Diabetes Prevention and Control Program. Program files and information about training and technical assistance is available on the CDEMS web site - Created in 2002, in 2012 CDEMS has reached a point where enhancements are no longer being made and program support is no longer funded by the Washington State Department of Health. CDEMS has functioned relatively unchanged since 2010 to support a continuing need for registries. In light of that need, CDEMS program files will be available without charge from Many self-support tools are available including user guides and a User Forum with over 700 technical questions and answers.   


Contact: Sara Eve Sarliker


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