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Offerings from Qualis Health and PSPC

The next opportunity to join the nationwide Patient Safety and Clinical Pharmacy Services Collaborative (PSPC) is coming this fall.

PSPC participants learn how to integrate clinical pharmacy services into the care of complex patients, such as those with diabetes.

Results of previous PSPC cycles include:

·         54% of the patients in the population set who were once identified as “out of control” are now “under control” across a range of chronic conditions

·         Adverse drug events declined by an average of 49%

Qualis Health is providing technical assistance to organizations throughout Washington who participate in the PSPC.  Our assistance is available free of charge, and is in addition to the substantial resources offered through the national PSPC structure.


PSPC 5.0 begins in Fall 2012. Now is the time to:

·         Contact Qualis Health for start-up assistance—go to

·         Organize your team

·         Get leadership on board

·         Pave the way for a fast-paced, results-oriented initiative


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