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Navigating Airport Security with an Insulin Pump and/or Sensor

Flying soon? This article from Diabetes Technology & Theraputics has information that could ease your security screening.

Full-body or X-ray scanners used for airport security screening may affect the function of insulin pumps or continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) devices. People with diabetes can present a travel letter obtained from their physicians to avoid possible damage caused by exposure to imaging equipment in airports. The authors recommend that the letter list the specific medical supplies travelers must keep with them during flights and be presented to security officials in the event that they have questions during the screening process. The authors note that the letter should include a statement indicating that the patient's insulin infusion pump should not be exposed to magnetic X-ray equipment, including a full body scanner, and should instead be hand-checked by TSA personnel. Finally, the authors suggest that additional research is needed to better evaluate the frequency and types of problems (e.g., increased vs. decreased insulin delivery from an insulin pump) most likely to result from exposure to imaging equipment in airports.  They emphasize that awareness is key, and that it is the responsibility of diabetes care providers to increase this awareness in their patients.

 Source: Andrew Cornish and H. Peter Chase. Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics. November 2012, 14(11): 984-985

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