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$25,000 Grants Available To Improve Patient Health Literacy

A Request for Applications from The National Associaton of Chronic Disease Directors.

 The National Association of Chronic Disease Directors (NACDD) announces the availability of $25,000 grants for primary care practice groups to plan and implement practice management changes that will implement laboratory blood testing prior tophysical examinations of patients, providing additional opportunities to improve patient health literacy. Three awards of $25,000 each will be made to qualified clinics, in addition to educational tools designed to inform patients with low literacy skills about blood tests.

The objectives of the LabsFirst project are to:

1) Test the effectiveness of the LabsFirst educational intervention to improve patient knowledge about important blood tests and provider acceptance of the labs first policy.

2) Make blood test results, explanation of their meaning and access to technology-based and print materials available to patients prior to health maintenance physical exams to improve health literacy.

3) Expand opportunities for dialogue between patients and providers about lab test results, their importance to patient health and to increase health literacy.

Participating clinics will be provided with access to LabsFirst patient education intervention tools (i.e., tablet computer software and computers, emailed messages, print materials, and website), designed to improve health literacy about blood tests. All patient data will be directly input by patients on the tablet computers. See the LabsFirst tablet computer software at this URL -

If your clinic has yet to adopt a policy of testing blood prior to patient health maintenance physical examinations, have conducted at least 120 patient physical examinations during a recent contiguous six-month project period (i.e., >20 physical examinations per month), and are interested in participating in this study, you can get copies of the brief request for proposal and study protocol by contacting:

Walter 'Snip' Young, PhD

Senior Science Consultant

Nat'l. Assoc. of Chronic Disease Directors

14945 Foothill Road

Golden, Colorado 80401


If interested, contact Snip before March 29, 2013.


To view the RFA, click here.

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