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2013 Leadership Team Structure

An outline of the structure of the Leadership Team, Committees, Chairs.


The Leadership Team (LT) of the Washington State Diabetes Network currently operates to reduce the burden from diabetes in our State. Our current focus includes reducing disparities, improving public awareness for the prevention of diabetes and improving the control and treatment of diabetes. The LT will evolve its efforts to focus on regional improvements in health including lowering death rates from diabetes, improving the detection of diabetes, lowering diabetes and pre-diabetes onset and improving recovery of pre-diabetes to normal glycemic states.

Executive Committee:     

2013 Chair: Wendy Bart 

To complete the goals of the LT an Executive Committee will operate. Members of this executive committee include the past year LT chair, the current year LT chair, the next year LT chair, and the manager of the DOH Diabetes Prevention and Control Program. The current year LT chair shall be responsible for convening regular teleconference meetings of the executive committee to guide activities of the LT.

This Executive Committee will be responsible for setting the strategic direction of the LT and for establishing agendas for LT activities and events (including the annual conference, the Diabetes Connection, and quarterly meetings).


Evaluation Committee:

2013 Chair: Lisa Woodard
To complete the goals of the LT an Evaluation Workgroup will operate. The chair of this workgroup will be part of the LT and will recruit LT members to help satisfy its purpose, which is to:

  • Inform and instruct each LT workgroup on the use of evidence to guide decision making.
  • Work with State Epidemiologists to provide metrics for each regional coalition in monitoring:
    •  Death rate from diabetes
    •  Detection rate for diabetes
    •  Diabetes onset rate
    •  Pre-diabetes onset rate
    •  Recovery rate of persons with pre-diabetes


The Evaluation Workgroup chair is required to attend quarterly meetings of the LT, providing updates on evaluation activities related to the LT.


Advocacy Committee:     

2013 Chair: Abbie Zahler

The Advocacy Committee was formed as a result of an Advocacy Plan Workshop in early February 2010. The purpose of the committee is to lead efforts to design and implement a five-year advocacy plan to advocate for coverage for pre-diabetes education and screening for pre-diabetes.

Communications Committee:

2013 Co-Chairs: Debbie Perrault and Mary Zornes

To complete the goals of the LT a Communications Committee will operate. The chairs of this workgroup will be part of the LT and will recruit LT members carry out its responsibilities, including communication outreach and marketing outreach for:

  • The Washington State Diabetes Plan
  • The Diabetes Network Leadership Team
  • The Washington State Diabetes Connection
  • Diabetes E-News Updates


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