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Working Documents

Documents in progress for members of the Membership Committee to review.

Outreach Documents

Articles, studies, or other documents that can help support our case.

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2011 Pre-diabetes Advocacy Event Tracker

A spreadsheet to view and add venues where the Advocacy Committee may have opportunities to inform and educate providers of all backgrounds about the importance of early detection and availability of the Diabetes Prevention Program in some area YMCA’s, and also think through newsletters that may go out to this same audience as a way of increasing awareness.

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2011-2012 Workplan Pre-Diabetes Advocacy Committee

The 2011-2012 Pre-Diabetes Advocacy Committee work plan highlights long and short term objectives along with the activities the committee will carry out in 2011-2012 to achieve an increase in pre-diabetes awareness, screenings and referrals to Diabetes Prevention Programs.

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