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Edit your Partner Profile

Step-by-step instructions for creating or modifying your partner profile.

Before you begin: It is helpful to have the mission statement, a brief description, and the logo for your organization available in an electronic format so that you can copy and paste them into the profile form.

1) Log in using the Login Name and Password provided for your account. Don't have a user account?

2) Click on the "Partner" Tab

3) Select the name of your organization under "partner name", they are sorted alphabetical. Not listed?

4) Double click on "Read more..." to edit.

5) Select the edit tab above the gray bar.

6) Fill in the "Edit Your Partner" form.

7) Upload logo by clicking on the insert/edit image in the toolbar. If you have problems with this you can email the image to us and we will post it.

8) When you have finished editing your profile click save.

9) To submit your profile for publishing, on the gray toolbar, change the state from "private" to "submit for publication".

While completing your profile, please note:

  • To finish entering your profile at a later time, click save before leaving the form.
  • The "Short Description" box is what shows up on the main partner pages about your organization. Keep this brief if possible.
  • Please provide the key details about your organization such as mission statement, purpose, contact info, link to website, etc. 

  • You can make edits or add more information to your profile at any time.

If your organization is not listed:

  1. In the gray toolbar, click on "Add New" to see a dropdown menu.
  2. Select "Page".
  3. Add the "TItle", then continue filling out the "Add Page" form following the instructions above.

What if I dont have a user account?

If you have not yet set up a user account, you will need to do that first by filling out the join form, making sure to check the box marked “I would like to add my organization as a partner on the Connection.”

Download Printable Instructions 


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