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Welcome to the Diabetes Connection  



Promotional Materials Available for the National Diabetes Prevention Program

FlyerEngGeneralLooking to help spread the word about Diabetes Prevention? Our “You Can Make a Change for Life” campaign lets people know that, while they may be at risk for diabetes, they can take action to prevent its onset. These materials are intended to promote programs that are recognized or pending recognition from the National Diabetes Prevention Recognition Program. For links to campaign materials, click here.

The Health Insurance Marketplace

Two new documents to help people with diabetes make sense of the changing Health Insurance Marketplace are now available from the American Diabetes Association.

One document, Health Insurance Update: Protections for People with Diabetes outlines what existing and new protections exist to help make sure that health insurance is as affordable as possible. The Health Insurance Marketplace and People with Diabetes is a document that talks about options for health insurance and provides tips for comparing how diabetes is treated in different plans.

To get more information about Health Insurance options in Washington,  visit or call toll-free 1-855-WAFINDER

Welcome to the Diabetes Connection

All about the Washington State Diabetes Connection, the web portal of the Washington State Diabetes Network!

The purpose of this website is:

  • To serve as a clearinghouse of activities, ideas, best practices, links and resources relating to the Washington State Diabetes Plan

  • To foster collaboration and communication within the Washington State Diabetes Network
  • To provide useful, credible information to people and organizations doing work to prevent and control diabetes among residents of Washington.
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